chana masala recipe, how to make south indian chana masala recipe

chana masala recipe with step by step photos – chana masala or chickpea curry is a regular dish at home. most of the times i cook the north indian punjabi chana masala.


the recipe posted here is a south indian version of chana masala. so as the name suggests, this chana masala recipe has south indian flavors. basically in this recipe, all the ingredients which are commonly used in south indian cooking are added, with grated coconut being one of the main ingredient.

in the punjabi style or north indian chana masala, onions, tomatoes, spices and dry pomegranate seeds or mango powder, make the masala paste and give a spicy and slight sour taste to the chana or chole recipe. apart from the above ingredients, garam masala powder or chole masala is also added to the punjabi chana masala recipe.

whereas in this chana masala the real flavor comes from the coconut and whole spices. you can actually get a distinct taste of coconut. there is a subtle sweetness and this chana masala is not sour or tangy.

the chana masala tastes spicy and goes well with rice, roti or poori. it can even go very well with bhature (leavened fried breads). if you are fond of chole bhature then you can consider serving this chana masala recipe with the homemade bhatura.

i make this chana masala, with mildly hot 2 red chilies for a low spiced version at times. and on occasions, i add 4 dry red chilies to make it spicy. so you can vary the amount of red chilies as per your taste, spice preference and the quality of red chilies. the same recipe can also be made with black chickpeas, potato or green peas.


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